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This page is supposed to be an assistance when choosing which case type to set when creating a profile with InterVocative Software's DVD Profiler. It is by no means omniscient. Please also see this thread in the InterVocative forums.


When setting a case type, please keep in mind that distributors sometimes change the case of a release. Often the initial pressing gets some sort of limited packaging, like a keep case with cardboard sleeve or a digipak, while later pressings come in a generic keep case. Always chose the case type of the initial release of the DVD when contributing a profile. Check contribution notes and/or forum if you're unsure.

Keep Case

Commonly known as "Amaray" (actually, "Amaray" is the name of one company who manufactures keep cases). Comes in different colors (black, white, red and transparent are common) and holds one to three DVDs with a multitude of retention mechanisms for the discs. Often has clips for an inlay or booklet. Some also have additional freerunning trays hung in on the inside, apart from that all versions of keep cases have one thing in common: They are made out of one single piece of plastic, with a transparent foil on the outside where you slip the actual cover artwork behind. Note: All kinds of keep cases with cardboard slipcases or sleeves (see picture 3 and 4) are NOT the case type "drawer"!

Examples (click to enlarge):
Single Keep Case, open Dual Keep Case, open Keep Case with cardbard slipcase Keep Case with cardboard sleeve

Keep Case Variations

The thicker version (about 2,5cm / 1" thick) of the keep case, which usually holds more discs (up to seven) is often called "Alpha case" (similar to "Amaray", "Alpha" is a manufacturer who also makes "normal" keep cases, so this terminology isn't necessarily correct).

Examples (click to enlarge):
3-Disc Keep Case (Alpha), closed 3-Disc Keep Case (Alpha), open 3-Disc Keep Case (Alpha) 6-Disc Keep Case (Alpha)

The thinner version (about 5mm / 0.2" thick) is often called "Slim case". It offers space for up to two discs or one disc and a thin inlay or booklet. It is most commonly used in box sets.

Example (click to enlarge):
Slim Case, closed Slim Case, open

Box Set

A box set consists out of two or more movies or episodes in separate cases (most commonly keep cases, but not always) in a cardboard slipcase. Once again, this is NOT a "drawer"!

Examples (click to enlarge):
Box Set with two Keep Cases Box Set with four Digipaks


Also known as "Ivy Hill Snapper" ("Ivy Hill" is the company who makes them). Is assembled out of a black plastic tray with a piece of cardboard which features the cover artwork attached to it. The plastic tray has a short lid, which snaps shut (hence the name), locking the cover. The case can be disassembled without being damaged.

Example (click to enlarge):
Snapper, closed Snapper, open


Also known as "hub" (in older versions of DVD-Profiler). Consists out of a folding piece of cardboard featuring cover artwork, with one or more transparent plastic trays attached to it (glued on, can't be disassembled without damage). Usually comes in a slipcase (again: this is NOT a "drawer").

Examples (click to enlarge):
Digipak for two discs Digipak for four discs


Also known as "Super Jewel". Consists out of three parts of hard, usually transparent plastic (front, back and tray) which are snapped together (can be disassembled without damage when you're cautious). The only case type apart from certain custom cases to feature a real hinge-joint for the front cover and not just a fold.

Example (click to enlarge):
Jewel, closed Jewel, open Jewel, detail


Looks like those "fake books" you stored VHS cassettes in back then and thus is quite similar to a thick keep case. But unlike keep cases, which have rounded corners and edges, clamshells have salient edges. Is quite rare as a case type for DVDs nowadays.


This is a plastic case with a plastic tray that slides out like a drawer. I'd like to stress once again, cardboard slipcases or sleeves are NOT drawers (see Keep Case, Box Set and Digipak)! Is quite rare as a case type nowadays.


Everything that doesn't fit one of the above descriptions is a custom case. Note that borders are a little blurred here. For example "Band of Brothers" (see below) is packed in a digipak which is attached to a tin box - this goes under "custom".

Examples (click to enlarge):
Custom Tin Box, closed Custom Tin Box, open Custom "Ice Box", closed Custom "Ice Box", open Custom "Book of the Dead", Custom Tin Box, closed Custom Tin Box, open

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